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Euphrasian Basilica from its bell tower
Euphrasian Basilica from its bell tower
Poreč is one of the three most popular destinations of Istria's western coast (the other two being Rovinj and Pula), it's the center of the riviera spanning from River Mirna on its northern and Limski Channel on its southern ends. The heart of the town is the old town on a peninsula, hosting, beyond other sights, the monument that inscribed Poreč on UNESCO's World Heritage list in 1997. This complex of buildings is the Euphrasian Basilica, a masterpiece of 6th century Byzantine art, which, apart from minor amendments, has been standing still in its original form eversince its construction. During the tourist season, the old town is filled with visitors and tourist groups during the daylight hours and with people from the surrounding resort areas who go out, have fun, walk around, dine or enjoy ice cream at night.

Dozens of hotels, resorts and campings and, of course, beaches stretch kilometres long along both to north and south of the town center. The beaches are well developed and maintained, which is confirmed by the fact that Poreč has the highest number of Blue Flag beaches on Croatia's Adriatic coast. The well intended coast from River Mirna to Limski Channel has a length of 70 km - vacation makers can find all kinds of beaches in the area.

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The old town at sunset
The old town at sunset

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